Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Philatelic Passport!

I remembered vividly my first visit to a Stamp Exhibition, the Singapore World Stamp Exhibition from 1-10 Sept 1995. It was a grand event with 152 postal administrations represented either directly or through private dealers. Exhibitions included the recorded 'by accident' use of Penny Black prior to 6 May 1840 and also 'Straits Settlements' Judicial and Revenue stamps.

It was an awesome experience. Besides buying many beautiful stamps, I also purchased a philatelic passport. With this, collectors need to travel from country to country by visiting sales booths to buy the stamps and obtain the datestamps cancellations. When it is done, one will have completed his travel around the world. It was a wonderful and fun way to learn countries through stamps.

I completed my passport after three visits to the exhibition. Phew! It was tedious! Here are just a few of the lovely stamps and datestamps cancellations that I have acquired.

My Philatelic Passport

United States of America, 25th anniversary of the first moon landing, 1994

Italy, Centenary of Cinema, 1995

Japan, Kansai Airport, 1994

India, National Integration Campaign, 1993

Jersey, Butterflies, 1995

Faroe Islands, Europa, Discovery of America, 1992

Finland, WWF Arctic Foxes, 1993

France, Rafle du Vel d'Hiv, 1995

The People's Republic of China, Lady of Guo On a Spring Outing, 1995

Cook Islands, Fish, Shell & Corals Definitives, 1992

Malaysia, Traditional Malay Weapons, 1995

Marshall Islands, Captivating Cats, 1995

Mongolia, Cattles, 1985

Federated States of Micronesia, Dogs, 1995

Nepal, Golden Jubilee of International Alpinists Association, 1982

Great Britain, Reconstruction of Shakespeares Globe Theatre, 1995

Australia, Australian Wildlife, 1994

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