Friday, May 8, 2009

A lovely cover & postcard from Poland!

Many thanks to Kazimierz for sending this awesome cover and a lovely postcard from Poland!

The stamp franked on the left of the cover belongs to the "Polish Cities" series, issued on 29th July 2005. This stamp depicts the façade of the All Saints Collegiate Church in Sieradz. Inside the church one can admire baroque altars, rococo stalls of the 18th century and, among others, the "Christ with Cross" painting by Wojciech Gerson. Worth attention are also two baptismal fonts - a stone one - in gothic style and a wooden one in - baroque style.
The 3 se-tenant stamps on the cover are from the "Children games & amusements" series, issued on 31 May 2002. They depict the 3 beloved children's games; riding a scooter, flying a kite & playing badminton.

The stamp franked on the left of the postcard is from the "Polish manor houses" Definitives Series, issued in 1997. Next, we have a stamp issued by Polish Post for its Europa (CEPT) stamps in 2002. The theme for that year was "Circus". It was issued on 5th May 2002.
Both cover and postcard were postmarked on 28th April 2009 in Tarnobrzeg and took 9 days to reach me.

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