Saturday, May 16, 2009

A lovely cover from Turkey!

This is definitely one of the most gorgeous covers that I have received so far. Many thanks to Ahmet Demir, who loves to mix philately with his beautiful drawings. From what I saw on his website... he's clearly a very good artist!

The stamp franked on the right of this lovely cover belongs to a set of 2 stamps from the recently issued, "Sultan's Boats" series.

Next, on the cover are 3 stamps from the "Turkish Provinces" definitive series. The stamp franked on the left was issued on 12th Dec 2008. It depicts Zonguldak, a beautiful Turkish province in the Black Sea region. While, the 2 identical stamps feature Siirt, a province in southeastern Turkey. They were issued on 10th July 2007 This cover was postmarked on 5th May 2009 in Pasaport, Izmir and took 10 days to travel an estimated distance of 8,756kms.

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