Monday, May 18, 2009

A lovely cover from the Philippines!

Yet another fine cover from the Philippines! Many thanks to fellow blogger, Myron! The stamp franked on the top, left of this lovely cover is part of the newest additions of stamps to its Birds Definitive series, issued by Philpost.

First issued in 2007, the Birds Definitive stamps featured a range of native birds which were beautifully illustrated and featured. To make the Definitive series more varied, Philpost added 12 new designs on 16th April 2009 (1p & 2p and 7p x 10). It was the final part of this awesome series.

Older designs (Below)
Next, is a stamp from the "First Philippine Assembly Centennial" series, issued on 16th Oct 2007. The pair of stamps in this set depicts Grand Opera House and Ayuntamiento de Manila respectively.
The Philippine Assembly was the legislative body of the Philipines during the earlier part U.S. colonial administration. It served as the lower house of the legislature with the Philippine Commission, headed by the U.S. Governor General serving as the upper house.

On October 16, 1907, the inaugural session of the First Philippine Assembly was held at the Manila Grand Opera House in Sta. Cruz, where William H. Taft, U.S. Secretary of War, delivered the inaugural address. Right Reverend Jorge Barlin, first Filipino bishop of Nueva Caceres, delivered the invocation. Its first session was held at the Ayuntamiento de Manila in Intramuros in the afternoon of the same day. Sergio Osmena of 2nd District, Cebu, founder of the Nacionalista Party, was unanimously elected Speaker of the Assembly.

The establishment of the Philippine Assembly is the realization of the Filipino people's aspiration for self-determination (Wikepedia).

Lastly, the 2 stamps franked on the bottom row are from the "Philippine Centennial" series, issued in 1998 and the "400th anniversary of Our Lady of Piat" in 2004.

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