Monday, April 13, 2009

My long forgotten postcard from Mt. Fuji!

This afternoon, while rifling through packs of holiday souvenirs from our many travels, I have found a long forgotten travel postcard from our Japan summer vacation in 2005.
This postcard was sent to myself from the Mt. Fuji's 5th station post office, which is approximately 2,305m above sea level.

The postmark date was 17.6.15 which means Heisei 17 that is western year 2005 and 6.15 is June 15th. To convert Western years to Japanese years, pls visit here. Interesting!
The stamp on the left belongs to the "Flowers" definitives series, issued on 28th Nov 1997.
And the stamp on the right is part of a set of 4 gorgeous stamps from the " Flowers of Yamanashi" series, issued on 16th May 2005.
I shall end my post here by sharing with you some of our Mt. Fuji photographs and also the many holiday souvenirs that I spent my sunday afternoon unpacking and displaying them on the cabinet which my wife has just bought :(

(Note: Fuji is notoriously shy and is wreathed in clouds most of the time : it's entirely possible to drive around the mountain and never see it. Visibility tends to be the worst in the hot, muggy summer and the best in the winter, when the air is dry and clear.)

This was our lucky day! :)

We spent our sunday afternoon doing up this cabinet!

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