Sunday, April 12, 2009

My latest cover from Taiwan!

Today, i received a lovely cover from Taiwan sent by James Chen. Thank you!

The first stamp from the left belongs to the first set of four definitive stamps from the "Flowers of Taiwan" series, issued on 12th March 2009.
The stamps in this set depict Lantana camara (NT$3.50), Murraya paniculata (NT$5.00), Tabebuia chrysantha (NT$12.00) & Hibiscus sabdariffa (NT$25.00).

The 2 identical stamps on the cover are part of a set of 2 stamps from the "Kaohsiung MRT" series, issued on 7th April 2009.
Central Park Station (NT$5.00): This underground station comprises two levels, and the station’s architecture blends into the landscape of adjacent Central Park. A gigantic canopy-like roof, which resembles a flying leaf, was constructed to cover the entrance. Conveying the design concept of “to soar,” it demonstrates a robust and constant vitality.

World Games Station (NT$25.00): Inspired by the special physical environment of Kaohsiung and meant to show the special characteristics of a harbor city, the central design concept of this elevated station focuses on sailing, and the station building resembles a ship, befitting a major center of international shipping.

This cover was posted on 7th April 2009 and took 4 days to travel an estimated distance of 3,256km.

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