Friday, April 10, 2009

A lovely cover from Turkey!

Today, I would like to share with you this beautiful cover from Turkey.

Like many other countries around the world, Turkish Post issued a set of stamps to commemorate the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games. One of the stamps can be seen here on the cover. It was issued on 08th August 2008. The top right stamp on the cover belongs to the "470th anniversary of the Prevesa Sea Battle" series, issued in 2008.
The Battle of Preveza (1538) was a naval battle between Ottoman fleet commanded by Barbaros Hayrettin and a much larger allied fleet commanded by the great Genoese admiral Andrea Doria fought near Preveza off the Adriatic coast. Barbaros defeated the combined Spanish-Venetian fleet thus making the Ottomans the leading Power in the Mediterranean Sea until their defeat at Battle of Lepanto in 1571.
The bottom left stamp is part of a set of 4 beautiful stamps from "2003 Environment Day - Deer" series. Next, we have a stamp from the "Turkish Provinces" series, issued on 29th August 2008.

The stamps (L-R) depict Turkish Provinces of Kilis, Ardahan, Igdir, Yalova, Karabuk, Osmaniye, Sirnak, Duzce and Bartin respectively.

These stamps brought back those beautiful holiday memories... so I shall end my post here with some pics of our Turkey holidays in 2008.

Have a great Easter holidays!

Goreme Village, Cappadocia

Turkish Carpets!

More Turkish carpets!!

Cumalikizik Village - an early Ottoman settlement area

Hand-made soft toy dogs

Turkish Pizza!

Tasty Turkish rice with chicken meat

Bosphorus Bridge - connecting Asia with Europe

Our knowledgeable Tour Guide

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