Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 covers for today!

Today, I have 3 beautiful covers to share with you.

The first cover was sent from Nedelišće, Croatia. Many thanks to Tomislav Dolar!The 2 lovely stamps franked on this cover belong to the "Croatian Fairy World" series, issued on 27th Feb 2009. They depict Svarožić and Bjesomar, characters in the ever popular children fairy tales, Potjeh. It was written by Croatian writer, Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić (1874-1938). This is a story about a grandfather and his three grandsons. The grandsons need to choose between the Good and Evil, where god Svarozic represents the Good, and the Master of Anger, Bjesomar, represents the Evil. This story tells about the struggle between reason and emotions in finding the Truth in life.

Click here to read this story (in Croatian language).

Next, is an ATM stamp with a denomination of 7.90HRK.

The second cover was sent from Cogliate, a small town in Lombardy region just between the cities of Milano and Como in Italy. Many thanks to Gottardi Lorenzo!The first stamp on the left was issued in 1975 to commemorate the 450th anniversary of the birth of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, an Italian composer of the Renaissance.
Next, is a pair of stamps issued by Italian Post in 1991 for its Europa stamps. "Europe in Space" was the theme for the 1991 Europa stamps issued by members of the Conference of European Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT). Last but not least, we have this wonderful cover from Slovakia. Thank you, Robert Brnka! (a lovely cover is coming your way!)

The 4 stamps franked on the left half of this cover belong to the "Cultural heritage of Slovakia" series. It was issued on 2nd Jan 2009 as part of basic euro postal stamps.These twelve stamps depict the Chapel of St. Margaret in Kopčany (0,01€), Church of the Virgin Mary in Boldog (0,02€), Rotunda of St. Margaret in Šivetice (0,05€), Church of St. John the Baptist in sedmerovec - Pominovce (0,10€), Church in Svätuše (0,20€), Church in Čierny Brod (0,33€), Church of St. Martin in Spisska Kapitula (0,50€), Church of St. Egidius in Ilija (0,66€), St. Stephen Church in Žilina (0,83€), Church of the Virgin Mary in Bina (1,00€), Church of the Holy Cross in Hamuliakovo (1,33€) and Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Drazovce (2,00€).

Next, we have a stamp from the "Decorated Easter Eggs" series, issued on 27th Feb 2009 to celebrate Happy Easter day 2009.

Painted and decorated eggs are intrinsically associated with Easter. They symbolize spring and new life, for Christians they are associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The symbolism of the egg dates to pagan times when it was associated with fertility and the cycle of life.

This may be the reason why the tradition of putting eggs into a grave alongside the deceased existed in many ancient cultures. A similar custom in the Slavonic territory is documented as early as the 9th century when items put into graves in Kiev Russia included decorated eggs modelled from clay. Some medieval works of literature from the Slavonic territory even suggest that ancient Slavs believed in the origination of the world from a cosmic egg.

The stamp on the top right is of cos belongs to the "Beijing Olympic Games" series. A single stamp, it was issued on 4th June 2008.Lastly, we have a stamp from the "Technical Monuments – Fire-fighting equipment" series, issued on 30th April 2008. The stamps in the set feature Four-wheel hand-operated pumper 1872 (T1, 500g) & F. Seltenhofer 1880 (T2, 1000g). The covers took 7 days, 6 days and 21 days respectively to reach Singapore.

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