Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A lovely cover from Slovakia!

Great thanks to Milos Leng for sending me this lovely cover from Slovakia.On this cover, you will notice that the stamps are denominated in 2 different currencies, namely the euro and Slovak koruna. This is because on 01st Jan 2009 the euro became legal tender in Slovakia and replaced the Slovak koruna (SKK) at the irrevocably fixed exchange rate of €1 = SKK 30.1260.

So as to facilitate the introduction of the euro; Stamps with face value in Slovak currency are valid for posting until 31.12.09. They may be used concurrently with those in Euro currency and mixed frankings are allowed on mails.

The 2 stamps in euros belong to Cultural heritage of Slovakia series. It was issued on 2nd Jan 2009 as part of basic euro postal stamps.
They depict the Chapel of St. Margaret in Kopčany (0,01€), Church of the Virgin Mary in Boldog (0,02€), Rotunda of St. Margaret in Šivetice (0,05€), Church of St. John the Baptist in sedmerovec - Pominovce (0,10€), Church in Svätuše (0,20€), Church in Čierny Brod (0,33€), Church of St. Martin in Spisska Kapitula (0,50€), Church of St. Egidius in Ilija (0,66€), St. Stephen Church in Žilina (0,83€), Church of the Virgin Mary in Bina (1,00€), Church of the Holy Cross in Hamuliakovo (1,33€) and Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Drazovce (2,00€).

The souvenir sheet on the cover shows the Bratislava Castle. It was issued on 16th Oct 2007.

Situated on a hill 269 feet (82m) above the city, Bratislava Castle is a prominent structure on the city's skyline and provides excellent views of Bratislava, as well as over Austria, and even Hungary in fine weather. It has been inhabited for thousands of years due to its important location on the Danube River in central Europe, and has been destroyed and rebuilt several times in its history, as well as undergoing a series of reconstructions and extensions. Four towers make up the enormous castle building, enclosing a courtyard and collections of the Slovak National Museum, as well as a Treasure Chamber.This cover took 10 days to travel an estimated distance of 9,332km.

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