Sunday, March 15, 2009

A beautiful cover from Georgia!

Today, I am going to share with you this red beauty. A lovely eleven stamps cover from Georgia! This was sent by Khatuna Tamar on 19th Feb 2009 from Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia and received on 7th Mar 2009. Greatly appreciated this earnest gesture. Thank you Khatuna! Let's begin with the two flower stamps on the top right corner of the cover. They are part of the Mountain Flowers series issued on 23th Sept 2002. The full set is shown below; Bell-flower (20 Tetri), Caucasian Rhododendron (30 Tetri), Anemone (50 Tetri) & Marsh Marigold (80 Tetri).
Next to the left of the 20 Tetri Bell-flower stamp is the 1 Lari (GEL) Europa 2008 stamp, issued on 5th Dec 2008. It is part of a set of 2 stamps belonging to "The Letter" series. (It is worth noting that the nominal values on the Georgian stamps are expressed in Lari since early 2008, while they were written in Tetri before.) (1 Lari = 100 Tetri)
The 3 colourful flower stamps in the middle of the cover, from left to right depict the Dactylozhiza ibezica (40 Tetri), Orchis Caucasica (80 Tetri) and Dactylozhiza euxina (20 Tetri) respectively. They are part of the Georgian Orchids series issued on 29th Dec 2005. The other stamp of the set (not feature here) is the 50 Tetri Opzys Caucasica stamp. Aren't they pretty?
The stamp in between the 2 orchid stamps belongs to King David IV series. A single stamp series, this was issued on 5th Dec 2008.
King David IV (1089 to 1125) was popularly considered as the greatest Georgian king and the most successful Georgian ruler, he succeeded in driving the Seljuk Turks out of the country winning the major Battle of Didgori in 1121. His reforms of the army and administration enabled him to reunite the country and bring most Caucasian lands under Georgia’s control. A friend of the church and a notable promoter of Christian culture, he was canonized by the Georgian Orthodox Church.
The 2 stamps with the Beijing Olympic Games' official logo are of cos from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Series. The full set of stamps are shown below. They depict Shooting (0.1 Lari), Wrestling (0.3 Lari), Weight Lifting (0.6 Lari) & Judo (0.8 Lari). It is interesting to note that this set of stamps was issued 4 months after the Beijing Olympic games ended.
The extreme left stamp in the middle row is from the Mural of Georgian Churches Series. It was issued on 23 Sept 2002.
Last but not least, on the bottom left corner we have the beautiful "Three Women" stamp. It shows the painting of Lado Gudiashvili. This was issued on 5th Dec 2006.
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