Monday, March 16, 2009

2 beautiful covers from Taiwan!

Last week, I received 2 lovely covers from Taiwan. These are my 1st and 2nd covers from this beautiful island! Great thanks to fellow bloggers, George Wu and James Chen. Both covers were postmarked on 5th Mar 2009 in Yungho, Taipei and Taipei City and both reached Singapore on 9th Mar 2009. Coincidentally both senders used the same FDC envelopes from Taiwan Post's latest stamps issue, Ceremonial Objects.

This cover was sent by George. He used 5 beautiful stamps from the Birds Series I & II issued in 2007 and 2008. Altogether Taiwan Post issued 4 set of Birds Series, with the latest in 2009. All stamps are shown below.

Birds Series I, issued on 3rd Nov 2007 (Yellow-throated Minivet, Varied Tit, Siberian Rubythroat & Daurian Redstart)

Birds Series II, issued on 30th Jan 2008 (Bronzed Drongo, Black-headed Shrike, Grey Treepie & Light-vented Bulbul)

Birds Series III, issued on 5th June 2008 (Oriental Turtle-Dove, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Eurasian Magpie & Japanese White Eye)

Birds Series IV, issued on 15th Jan 2009 (Greater Painted-snipe, Island Thrush, White-breasted Waterhen & Verreaux's Bush Warbler)

The second cover was sent by James. The top two stamps on the cover are part of the Ceremonial Objects Series, issued on 10th Feb 2009.

The 4 designs of the stamps are:

1.Gift Basket (NT$5.00): During folk festivals, ceremonies and celebrations, all kinds of delectable treats were put in gift baskets that were offered to friends and relatives.

2.Wooden Carrying Box (NT$5.00): Wooden carrying boxes were used to carry betrothal gifts from the groom’s family and the presents from the bride’s family given in turn to the groom’s family. The boxes were essential ceremonial objects for betrothals.

3.Candle Sticks (NT$12.00): A pair of candle sticks - along with an incense burner and a pair of vases - was an essential item for an altar, whether at a temple or household ancestral shrine. Burning candles conveyed people’s respect for the gods.

4.Bridal Sedan Chair (NT$12.00): Most of the bridal sedan chairs were painted mostly red, and decorated with paintings or embroideries of flowers, birds, and human figures.

The Ox stamp on the cover was issued in late 2008 for the upcoming Ox year 2009. It belongs to a set of 2 stamps shown below.

Both covers travelled an average distance of 3250 km and took 4 days to reached Singapore.

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