Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A snail mail from Cuba!

Yesterday I showed you my fastest mail (a postcard received from Germany in 3 days), as for today I thought I would like to share with you my slowest mail received so far.

It is a registered cover sent from an eBayer in Cuba. This cover was postmarked in Cuba on 12th Jan 2009 and reached me only on the 20th Feb 2009, that is 39 days later! Moreover, the seller was very slow in posting. It was done 14 days after the bid has been won and paid. So in the end, I waited a total of 53 days for its receipt! It is indeed a snail mail! However, I am happy to receive a cover from such a rare destination. It actually travelled an estimated distance of 17,228km!!

The 2 stamps on the cover belong to the Electric trains series issued in 2007 (full set shown below) and the Telefood stamp 2006, a single issue.

Telefood is the Food Agriculture Organisation's (FAO) annual campaign of broadcasts, concerts and other events dedicated to raising awareness about world hunger and mobilising resources to help reduce the number of hungry people in the world. Wondering what is my purchase from Cuba? Well, it is a pair of Chairman Mao stamps, issued on 1st May 1967 in China. This completes 2/3 of the set.
Should you have the other 2 missing stamps to let go (sell or trade), please let me know and we can work something out.

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