Sunday, February 1, 2009

My first cover from Uruguay!

Today, i would do a short post by sharing with you a registered letter from Uruguay that i received yesterday. I am excited as this is my first cover from this far away country!

This cover took 18 days and travelled a distance of approximately 15,766km or 9,796miles from Morales, Montevideo in Uruguay to reach me!


  1. Don't you find it quite odd that the cover was processed in Hong Kong? Did the sender send it registered? Is there a Uruguay registration sticker? Because the registration sticker reads RI 068 464 643 *HK*. Quite an interesting thing to point about your cover! :-)

    By the way, do you have the contact details of your friend from Uruguay? I'd be very thankful if you could oblige. :-)


  2. Hi Myron,

    That is an interesting point. Maybe the cover transit through Hong Kong to Singapore.. as I do not think there is a direct flight from Urguay to Singapore.. maybe..

    Thanks for your comment.



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