Monday, February 23, 2009

A lovely cover from Mauritius!

Apart from philately, I also love travelling. I have always been fascinated by Mauritius’ beautiful beaches and exotic sceneries. In fact this lovely country is in my list of places to see before I die :)

On Friday, I received a beautiful cover from this island and I was thrilled. This cover was sent by fellow blogger, Ms. Tasneem. Thank you! On the left of the cover, the two lovely stamps depicting a Lion fish and giant tortoises belong to the Fishes of Mauritius definitive set issued in 2000 and Ecology series in 2006 respectively.
The two stamps on the upper right of the cover are from Non Marine Crabs series issued in 2006 and Dodo series in 2007.
The Dodos were once the inhabitants of Mauritius for millions of years and the bird was forced to extinction before the end of the 1600s by the visitation of Europeans, and the introduction of various animals such as pigs, deer, cats and dogs, and pests like rats and monkeys.

The last stamp on the cover belongs to the commemorative issue of Textile industry in 2001. It highlights the contribution of the textile industry and its thousands of workers in the economic development of Mauritius. Today Mauritius is a world leader in the export of high quality garments

This lovely postcard was sent together with the cover. Isn't it a beauty?
The cover travelled an estimated distance of 5,584km and took 9 days to reach Singapore.

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