Thursday, February 26, 2009

Croatian First Postage Stamps

Great thanks to Dragan Buškulić for presenting me a lovely cover and also a block of 4 Croatian stamp N° 1 to my first issues collection.
The first definitive postage stamp of Croatia “Airmail Zagreb - Dubrovnik” was issued on 9 September 1991, in the new independent state of Croatia during the armed Serbian aggression. It came a month before the formal proclamation of the Republic's independence and served as a manifest sign of the state's sovereignity in a period of sensitive political environment in Croatia. More info here
The 5 stamps on the cover belong to the Croatian Ethnographic Heritage Series issued in 2008. They are Folk costumes from Sunja, Bistra, Bizovac, Ravni Kotari & Pag Iace, Pag.
This cover travelled an estimated distance of 9,857km in 15 days.

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